scattered words

‘Scattered words’

Limited edition of 10

‘Scattered words’ has been inspired by the idea of a spiritual legacy – a trail of evanescent footprints that could be traced through family narratives. Having recently re-read Bruce Chatwin’s book, ‘The songlines’, I was reminded again about the invisible ancient tracks that criss-cross Australia, that are sung into existence by the aborigines and their ancestors. In a similar way, the nomad tribes in northeast Uganda, like the Karimojong, travel south to trade, and their communities traditionally use song and dance to communicate both their family and social history.

The ancestral songline in ‘Scattered words’ has been hand cut, and the words have been printed in red to represent stories etched into the red African dust – words trodden into the earth – our ancestor’s song.

‘Scattered words’ has been printed on Arches paper 190 gsm, and covered in African calfskin that has been dyed with a natural vegetable. The binding is a traditional long stitch limp binding.