lisez entre les lignes

‘Lisez entre les lignes’ – read between the lines

Limited edition of 5
A boxed set of four unique handmade books

This collection of books has been inspired by a quirky, second-hand bookshop tucked away in a corner on the left bank of the River Seine in Paris. Overflowing with books, writers, poets and people, ‘Shakespeare & Co’ always has a new story to tell and a secret to share.

Many people use the bookshop as a library – a reading room. Over the last year, I have done the same, and have found myself drawn by the shop’s energy and vibrancy; by the spiritual trail of writers and artists who have walked along its dark, narrow corridors and typed manuscripts on the old-fashioned typewriter.

The box set captures the atmosphere and character of ‘Shakespeare & Co’, but each book has a different narrative. ‘Light and dark’, for example, describes a vulnerable side of the young Ernest Hemingway, as he struggles with self-doubt. Hemingway regularly frequented the original bookshop started by Sylvia Beach. The prose I have written has been printed in light type and I have weaved the narrative around words that Hemingway has reportedly said, and these quotes are printed in bold type.

Each book has been covered in French decorative paper on board, and hand bound.