miranda campbell

A good story collapses time, weaving together fragmented voices with contemporary images that fire the imagination and evoke strong feelings. Book art adds an exciting dimension to storytelling, allowing me to combine language and emotion with texture and structure.

I specialise in beautiful handmade notebooks and contemporary book art. My book art is based on walking meditations, and my original stories are influenced by nature and life's rich tapestry – particularly, the delicate threads that bind us to each other, and shape our affinity for space and place. I work with natural, found objects, such as wood and bark, and use traditional bookbinding techniques to create sculptural books.

I have an MA (Distinction) in Art, Design and The Book from The Minories in Colchester. As well as being a member of the Suffolk Craft Society, I am a member of the Society of Bookbinders, and currently editor of ‘Single Fold’, the newsletter for the East Anglian Region of the Society of Bookbinders. I have exhibited my work in the UK and the USA, including the Codex International Book Fair (San Francisco), the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair and the Turn the Page Exhibition in Norwich. I regularly exhibited at the Suffolk Craft Society Summer Exhibition in Aldeburgh.

If you want to find out more about my work, please feel free to contact me at bookspells@gmail.com

email: bookspells@gmail.com

mobile: 07970 288090