run wild

‘Run wild’

Limited edition of 25

‘Run wild’ is about freedom and feeling at ease with ourselves and with the space around us. It has been inspired by memories of running bare foot as a child in the dirt in Uganda, and feeling the earth’s energy and heat through the soles of my feet.

The book contains an original short story that reflects the child in all of us who wants to run free.

The words have been printed on Nepalese lokta paper, 30 gsm, and these delicate sections have been sewn separately into the accordion-style book. The pages of the book pull out, giving movement to a trail of foot prints that have been hand stitched in silver and bronze thread across the paper landscape.

The threads start with a suggestion of a foot – a fragile confidence – and then, gradually, the foot prints become more clearly defined as the child’s courage and assurance blossoms.

‘Run wild’ has been made with natural hand made paper, and metallic thread. It has been covered in African bookcalf, using a long stitch limp binding and decorative beadwork.