laced-in boards

Books sewn on ribbon, hemp or leather straps and laced in to boards which have been covered with handmade paper. Ideal gifts for someone special or to celebrate that special occasion, such as a wedding or anniversary. Available in small, medium and large

(Above) Small note books - approx 7.5 cms (h) x 7.5 cms (w), 40 pages, 130 gsm

Price 15.00 plus postage & packing

(Above) Medium note books - approx 15 cms (h) x 10.5 cms (w), 60 pages, 130 gsm

Price 25.00 plus postage & packing

(Above Large note books - approx 21 cms (h) x 15 cms (w), 50 pages, 130 gsm

Price 30.00 plus postage & packing

All books are made to order with love and care, and can be designed to your colour specifications.

Please call me for samples of materials currently available, and for further details and information on delivery times.


mobile: 07970 288090